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Opus Luxury Assortment

Filled Belgian Chocolates. Chocolaterie Guylian was created in 1967 by Guy & Liliane who joined their names by passion for chocolate and love. They created for the first time chocolate in the shape of seashells and the Sea Horse became the brand's icon. Today, Guylian Chocolates are still made with the same craftsmanship and passion to provide the ultimate Belgian Chocolate taste experience for chocolate lovers. Enjoy our Opus Luxury Assortment of Belgian chocolate masterpieces, each with its own character and extraordinary taste, from excitingly crunchy to divinely creamy.

16-Opus truffle box

12-Pack (12 x 16-Opus truffle box)

$9.16 per box - SAVE $10.00!
16-Opus truffle wrapped gift box

5-Pack (5 x 16-Opus truffle wrapped gift box)

$9.40 per box - SAVE $12.96!
10-Pack (10 x 16-Opus truffle wrapped gift box)

$10.99 per box - SAVE $10.00!