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Opus Luxury Assortment

Opus Luxury Assortment features 16 Belgian chocolate truffles elegantly crafted by Guylian master chocolatiers to create a chocolate opera. Indulge in a symphony of flavors including the Guylian signature hazelnut filling, soft caramel filling, crunchy biscuit surrounded by vanilla cream, pear and mango ganache, smooth milk truffle, roasted hazelnut, and cappuccino cream. Each chocolate creation reflects a famous opera, from Romeo & Juliet, Magic Flute, Phantom of the Opera and others. Each chocolate truffle masterpiece has the artist’s G signature guaranteeing a superior chocolate experience.

16-Opus truffle box
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12-Pack (12 x 16-Opus truffle box)
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$9.16 per box - SAVE $10.00!
16-Opus truffle wrapped gift box

5-Pack (5 x 16-Opus truffle wrapped gift box)

$9.40 per box - SAVE $12.96!
10-Pack (10 x 16-Opus truffle wrapped gift box)

$10.99 per box - SAVE $10.00!