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Guylian Master's Selection Gold Box

A premium assortment of Belgian mini pralines filled with a variety of exotic flavours and topped off with fine ingredients. The Guylian Master’s Selection is the crown on Guylian’s 50th anniversary and honors the Belgian chocolate making tradition with a delicious gift box. Each beautiful gift box collects thirty mini pralines in 10 delectable flavours. Discover adventurous flavours like Coffee Cardemom, Ginger-Lime or Caramel with Costa Rican pineapple. But the original praliné fillings are also present, in a revamped and even more refined form. Fine ingredients like golden berry or zest of lemon decorate each praline and complete the taste sensation.

The Guylian Master’s Selection gift box is an ideal luxury gift for the most demanding chocolate lover.

8.47 oz. box

4.73 oz. box